Battle of the Slopes Audio tapes

This dramatic recording is 34 yrs old, and sat many years in the possession of 1Lt Robert Allen, D/4/503d, Dak To '67, ( ) it apparently was made by troops monitoring a PRC 25 back at the Dak To airstrip. The tape was 72 mins long and ended when the batteries of the recorder ran down.It is guessed that the tape was started about 4 hrs after initial contact. Thetape was recorded as a .wav file in four parts for downloading and compressed into Mp3 files. Many spots in the tape had garbled or one way transmissions, RedLeg communications,  Admin communications, which were deleted along with dead spots in the tape to conserve bytes, so the communications as they are listened to are rapid fire.

Alpha 6 is the Alpha Co CO, Captain Milton,
Paragon 6 is the Battalion CO, LTC Partain,
Paragon 3 is the Battalion S-3, Captain Ken Smith,
Uncle Jack is the Brigade CO, General Deane.
Alpha Kilo is the CP RTO.
Tonto is the USAF FAC.







Final results of the 2/503rd Infantry action were as follows:
U.S. Losses 76 KIA, 23 WIA, 0 MIA.
GVN losses: 1 ARVN interpreter/advisor KIA, 2 CIDG KIA.
Enemy Losses: 106 NVA KIA (Body count), 407 NVA KIA (POSS), 3 POW.